The best costumes for Halloween 2021

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Halloween is coming and, with it, the perfect excuse to dress up after a long time without being able to do it. Nowadays, we adults enjoy like no other watching the disasters suffered by the participants of ' The Squid Game' on a secret island in South Korea. Sales of his merchandise have grown like foam; but also the 'Vans' model, 'Slip-on' in white , sneakers worn by the protagonists throughout the series and which increased their sales by 8%.

But of course, as mentioned above, Halloween T Shirts costumes are a topic that excites us all when this time of year arrives. Sometimes we find ourselves single and have to decide for ourselves what to wear, but sometimes we have a partner to party with and it makes it even more fun.

Choosing the best Halloween costumes is an art. On the one hand, we must first decide what issue we want to address and why. We can choose one of our current favorite series, something special or a costume that can support our style.

Perhaps due to all the above factors, in a few years we will see that Halloween costumes are repeated and become a kind of icon of the moment. The idea of ​​joining the trends sounds tempting and what could be better than doing it with the person you love?We will give you creative ideas to use with your partner this October 31.


1. Squid game

Obviously, the first option would have been a character from the most popular series of the moment: 'The Squid Game' or Squid Game '. As you may know, the news recently broke that white sneakers have increased their sales by exorbitant numbers. The reason? The number of people who want to dress up as a Korean-born gamer this Halloween .

And the best thing is that if you want to join this trend, you can also do it with your partner. For instance,one of you can be a player (green pants with white and white shoes), while the other can be a soldier (red jumpsuit with black mask and one of the famous signs that appear on them: a square, a triangle or a circle).

2. Harley Quinn and Joker

One of the best couples in the DC Universe, and one that remains a classic Halloween costume couple, is Harley Quinn and the Joker. This year,With the release of the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League video game, it's a great time to take this pair as inspiration for your costume. However, be careful not to mimic the dynamics of this couple's relationship as, as you may recall, Joker does not love Harley Quinn and it seems that he is more likely to dislike her affection and reject her.

3. Carnage and Venom

As part of the premiere of Venom 2 at watch wrestling , a movie that could wreak havoc on Marvel , it's also a good idea to use this pair of characters for Halloween costumes. However, it must be borne in mind that their manufacture will be a bit more complicated than it seems , since they are quite strange to look at. However, there are various options and even ready-made costumes.


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